Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Why Dental Care Should be Your Priority ?

 The Dental Care should be your Priority for the following 3 simple reasons

Healthy Mouth=Healthy Body: As we all know that the mouth is the gateway to our body, maintaining a Healthy mouth is good for our entire body. Dental Hygiene and care is linked to a lot of health conditions. Poor Dental Hygiene and care can prove fatal to the functioning of many essential organs in the body such as Heart, Kidney, Pancreas, Ear, etc., So it is essential to maintain Good Dental Health.

Improves Self-confidence: Good dental hygiene and care boost your self-confidence and Happiness.

Responsible Adult: When it comes to dental care, it is of great concern especially if you are a parent. Children are more susceptible to dental problems as they consume a lot of junk foods and chocolates. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to inculcate Good Dental Hygiene Habits and Proper Dental care regimen in your lifestyle, your children will follow suit.

3 simple steps to practice every day to maintain good dental hygiene and care:
1. Brush your teeth twice a day
2. Rinse your mouth after every meal
3. Visit your Dentist every Six Months.

Apart from the normal process of baby tooth loss, the various other causes of missing teeth are:
  • Dental decay – Leave a decay untreated for long enough and it will destroy the tooth.
  • Gum/periodontal disease – The leading cause of tooth loss in adults
  • Trauma – Incisors are particularly at risk, eg with contact sports
  • Congenitally missing teeth/Other Medical conditions – Sometimes certain teeth do not form or either isolated or in connection with medical problems…

What problems can result from tooth loss, the main being the Appearance and your Confidence ? Why should you get any gaps ‘filled’?

The various consequences of not replacing them can be:

  • ·          Difficulty in chewing:The jaws may not come in contact(“bite” together properly), thus affecting the function of chewing. This might lead to Pain in the facial muscles/jaws due to an improper bite which can also lead to headaches.
  •           Difficulty with speech
  •           The facial muscles may ‘sag’ and gaps in the teeth might appear unsightly
  •          Tilting of adjacent teeth into the space created by the missing ones – can make things harder to clean thereby resulting in decay
  •         Supra-eruption(ie a top tooth drifts down as there is no support below to stop it)which leads to eventual loss of that particular tooth. It is often compared to the brickwall , where if one tooth is removed, it will eventually end up losing all the adjacent teeth.
  •      Food getting lodged and plaque accumulation in the gaps leading to more decay and gum disease.

  As a result of this,“your confidence and appearance might take a backseat”.

There are various Replacement/Treatment options available. We at PS Dental Centre give a comprehensive and ethical treatment plan which is the main reason why people choose us and keep referring patients.

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