Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Painless Dental Treatment / Extraction

Experiencing dental pain and on hearing your neighbors saying that they had a bad pain during the dental drilling procedure and extraction procedures. Here is the boon to ease away all the pain you have and to stop your  gossiping neighbors, who transformed the peaceful dentist into horror drillers.

          Oh Dudes, We dentist are working hard to deliver painless treatments to you. On delivering this, here comes the new procedure called “Conscious sedation”.PS Dental centre has a team of experts who are well versed in performing painless dental procedures.

              This conscious sedation is channeled to the patients having moderate to severe levels of dental anxiety or dental phobia. It is not an expensive procedure or a scary procedure. The expert will deliver the medicines via Intravenous line and that’s it, you are sedated and ready to face Painless dental procedure and the Main advantage is that you will not loose your consciousness, you will know what the dentist is performing in you, without any pain. PS Dental centre will have a personalized care towards the anxiety patients.

        Intravenous Sedation is usually recommended for oral surgery procedures, to help the patient relax during long and stressful treatments such as wisdom tooth extraction, Dental implant placement, Gum surgery and other invasive treatments. These Invasive procedure are done under one roof at PS Dental centre.

The major benefits include,
  •         Higher level of sedation than oral/inhalation sedation.
  •     Suitable for patient with moderate to severe anxiety.
  •      This will start taking effect within a few seconds.
  •      Doctor can easily adjust the dosage & sedation level.
  •      Recovery time is generally shorter.
  •     It can suppres Gag reflex in over sensitive patients.
  •     Consciousness is maintained and patient have little or no memory of any unpleasant dental         procedures.
  •     Faster treatment in single appointments.

        Before this procedure, we at PS dental centre have a consultation and pre-operative session wherein we clear the doubts of the patient.PS Dental centre has a dedicated team to provide professional service with personalised care.

The Pre operative instructions are,
  • You should not eat for at least 4 hours or drink for 2 hours prior to the IV sedation procedure to minimize the risk of vomiting when sedated.
  • Do not drink alcohol for at least 24 hours before IV sedation.
  • Stop smoking at least 12 hours (or more if you can) before surgery.
  • Take any routine medications you may need for other conditions, only after they are discussed and approved by your sedation dentist.
  • An oral anti-anxiety drug may be prescribed to be taken the night before, to help you get a good night sleep and be more relaxed on the day of IV sedation treatment.
  • Arrange for someone to drive you or escort you home after the procedure.
  • Women should avoid wearing make up and lipstick. The color of face and lips can provide a critical warning to the dentist in case of any oxygenation problems during surgery. Nail polish must be removed from the middle finger of the left hand so that the oximeter monitoring equipment will function properly.
  • Contact your IV sedation dentist if you start to have symptoms of cold, flu or other illness in order to rearrange your appointment for after you have fully recovered.
Once again, These instructions will be delivered to you by verbally and in printed form by our dental team at PS Dental centre If you are set to undergo painless dental procedure.

Before the dentist administers the IV sedation drugs and starts the dental treatment, The dentist at PS dental centre completes the following steps,
  • A consent form is signed by the patient,
  • The blood pressure is recorded,
  • The dentist verifies that no new health condition has evolved after the consultation appointment and that the patient has not used any unauthorized drugs,
  • A pulse oximeter is attached to the patient’s finger to monitor oxygen saturation and pulse rate.
During procedure, the medicine is administered intravenously and local anesthesia is given. In a few minutes as soon as the LA has taken effect, the dentist starts the dental treatment on the sedated and fully relaxed patient.

Patients are different, and their comfort “windows” are also different. Therefore the exact dose for achieving an adequate IV sedation level cannot be predetermined, as it may vary significantly from patient to patient. Even for the same patient, the required level of sedation may differ between appointments depending on the type, duration of dental treatment, and the degree of procedure’s invasiveness. PS Dental centre has an expert and best dental team to stay with the patient till the painless dental procedure are completed.

The most important body functions that are monitored during an IV sedation procedure are breathing, pulse, BP & oxygen saturation.PS Dental centre has modern state of the art equipments to monitor the vital signs, so that the patient is under utmost personalised care.

Once the dental procedure is done, the postoperative instructions and some do’s and dont’s  after the painless dental procedure will be given to you by the best dentist of PS Dental Centre,chennai.

Thus sedation is the most common procedure to perform painless dental treatments and we hope  this article would fetch you necessary info about the sedation. We at PS Dental Centre have a team of experts who can deliver the original meaning of painless dental treatments and so, you can boldly come to us to undergo any dental procedures which you have been postponing it for years due to pain.…

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